STILL no pics + Purple cape

27 04 2008

Okay there is obviously something going on because we can’t post pictures! I don’t know what the problem is, but if anyone has some advice, just tell us!


Okay about the purple cape: Did you guys know there was a purple cape? I know ur all thinking “wtf” or something, but it’s true. a LONG, LONG, LOOOOONG time ago, before they gave out beta hats, for  one day only, there was a box of purple capes at the dock. It’s very true. You probably never heard of it, because it was released on October 23, 2005, and Club penguin opened October 24, 2005. As soon as I can insert pics, I’ll insert one of it.

News Page Launched!

22 04 2008

After days of finding bugs, we have launched the news page! I hope you guys look into it often, because that page is busy! Thanks for your help!

I also heard that on April 29th, you will be able to switch to big screen Club Penguin if you like.


Thanks, Egg1234

New Page

21 04 2008

We have finally worked out the bugs on the ninja page (whew, that was a relief). It took a while to compile the information, but it is now finished. The page explains a great deal about ninjas. I hope it helps.

 In other news, Iskey and I deleted some bugs with the picture adding. So look out for new pictures!



Image Problems

20 04 2008

Since our site opened we have been having some major bugs. I don’t know why, or how, but it has been a major conflict. One of theose major problems is I can’t post images! So for the next few days, you will not see any images.



Under Construction

19 04 2008

Since our site opened, many of you have been wondering why there aren’t many categories. The reason is we are still working out the bugs on the other categories. So this is only half  of our site.

Still to come:

  • Interview
  • Secrets
  • Most wanted
  • Cheats/Glitches
  • Ninja information

And Much much more!

-egg1234 & Iskey


19 04 2008

Welcome to our site. If you’re a Club penguin fan , this is the best place to visit. We just started, but thisn’t isn’t our first blog, this is our third. So, enjoy the new site!

-Egg1234 & Iskey